The Book That Provides a Lifetime of Positive Memories.

I’m So Proud Of® was created by a mother as a way to reward children in writing when they do something you’re proud of. This written reward will help instill confidence and motivation so a child will always want to do their best.

Telling a child how proud you are of something they did is great, however what a child hears is gone in seconds as their little minds wonder off to something new.

By you taking just a few seconds to write a short note when your child does something you’re proud of, you will provide a keepsake for them that will last a lifetime.

Your child or grandchild will love getting the positive notes and you’ll love the response you receive from the child—especially the hug and smile that are sure to follow their receipt of a note!

I sent 3 ISPO books to my 3 grandchildren in the UK for Christmas.They are 10, 8 and 1. This was the reply I got later from my son.Hi Dad, Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for the presents for the girls and Olly. Hannah in particular and I quote. Hannah said “This is one of the best presents I have ever received” She loves it and yesterday she had done really well in a math test (95%) so we could all write notes to Han.   

Malcolm Simmonds

Proud Grandfather

I bought the book because you can write short messages that will change and affect our child’s mind in a big way. This is a great little motivational and journal book that will remind our children daily, that they matter and the decisions they make (no matter how insignificant we think they are), can affect a lot of people and things.

Alma Shultz

How I’m So Proud Of® Works:

  • Present your child with the I’m So Proud Of® book.
  • When they do something you’re proud of, you fill out one of the custom sticky notes and place it where your child will find it.
  • They find the note, read it and then put the note in their keepsake I’m So Proud Of® book.
  • They get a lasting reminder of your love and encouragement that they can reflect on over and over!
  • You’ll get a hug and smile and you can never have too many of those.

There Are Many Ways to Use I’m So Proud Of®

  • A good grade.
  • Being a good sport—win or lose.
  • They clean their room without being told.
  • When they use their manners without being reminded.
  • Helps around the house.
  • Helps someone in need.
  • They do a good deed for a person or animal.
  • Does well at the Doctor or Dentist.
  • Learns a new skill.
  • Loses a tooth.
  • Just because you want to see that beautiful smile and get a hug from your child.

Your child will do many things that make you proud over their life and the more positive recognition they receive—especially in writing so they can look back and review their accomplishments, the more positive things they will want to do.

This book was recommended by a friend. I enjoyed it so much and appreciated the fact that your kids can look in their motivational book for the "messages" that will encourage them no matter how big or small the consequences, to keep their mind filled with thoughts of peace, hope, courage, and happiness, every day of their lives. I ordered 5 copies for myself to share with our grandchildren.   

Candy Macintosh